Search For The Legendary TATA DUENDE In Belize


November 29th to Dec 2nd. 2014 CMJ Productions II Inc. will join with GrissyG and Dismas, Belizean artists, animators, and authors to seek out and document the legendary jungle gnome from Belize, Central America. The gnome is believed to have mysterious powers, no thumbs, backwards feet, and known to Belizeans as Tata Duende.


CMJ Productions II Inc. have been producing a series called Boogeymen that goes in depth to investigate legendary monsters, their history, recent encounters and skeptics, while exploring tourist attractions connected to the legends. GrissyG and Dismas who are currently producing an animated movie based on Tata Duende and have authored books and paintings titled "Legends of Belize," a series that document the Belizean mythological creatures, will assist in the search for Tata Duende. The Boogeymen show will feature the Belizean artists who will search for answers, interviewing for evidence and documenting what makes the legend of Tata Duende real or folklore.


CMJ Productions II Inc. will travel with their production crew, Francois (Director), Jean Sebastian (Director of Photography), and Emelie Riva (Production Assistant) to meet with GrissyG and Dismas in beautiful Belize, Central America. Investigations for the Tata Duende is to last three days and will be filmed in Belize city and Cayo District where stories and sightings have been reported and told by the residence, historians, and skeptics.


Mythic creatures and legendary folklore have always fascinated people of many cultures and generations. GrissyG and Dismas have a creative passion and have made it a life journey to document their Belizean myths to preserve, share and unite generations. CMJ Productions II Inc. will be a part of the journey while accomplishing their mission to explore, investigate the unknown, and hopefully get a glimpse of the legendary Tata Duende.

GrisDismation's Tata Duende



The investigative reporter from CMJ Productions II Inc., Linda Lamarche, have strategically coordinated with GrissyG and Dismas, and other contacts to find stories, sightings, and possible evidence of where Tata Duende may be found. With an experienced camera crew, dedicated Belizean artists, and Belizean locals willing to share their cultural stories, the search for Tata Duende is real.


CMJ Productions II Inc. produce award-winning programming that has been licensed around the world, aired by prominent broadcasters such as the Discovery networks (US, Canada and International) and more. Boogeymen is an hour-long travel series where each episode goes in-depth into the history of creatures and explores the tourist attractions built around the monsters. For more information visit:


GrisDismation is an independent studio established by Dismas & GrissyG Lizárraga, artists, animators and authors born in Belize, residing in California. Together they produce original art, animations and books that entertain, inspire and fascinate. The artists also document and share their interpretation of the Belizean myths through a series titled “Legends of Belize.” To learn more about GrisDismation and the eerie myths of the Belizean culture visit:

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